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I’m Gellin’

Nails by Sarah Bland.

Andrew asked me what I wanted for my birthday. I couldn’t think of anything specific.  I ended up asking for something I usually don’t do for myself. My nails! I have probably gotten my nails done three times in my whole life. My mother scared me half to death when I was in high-school. For school dances, all my friends would get their nails done. I had saved up money to do so as well. I ask my mom if she could take me and she goes into this horribly realistic story she heard on Dateline or  60 Minutes about girls whose fingers were falling off from infections they got at nail salons.  Upon hearing this appetizing story, I didn’t get my nails done till I was about 24 years old. (Thanks Ma). I got recommended to Sarah from one of my clients who always has the coolest nails. Knowing she was a little out of my price range, it was the perfect birthday gift! I wanted something Christmas-y. I asked her what she hadn’t already done a million of and I suggested Christmas lights. She showed me a picture of something she had wanted to try and I gave her the go ahead. Gels are great. I have to wash my hands so much at work yet they are still chip free. Haven’t even lost a rhinestone yet.

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