PILATES and lifestyle w/ and emphasis on food and DRINK

You say you don’t like whiskey . . .

Andrew (left) at Seven Grand L.A.

. . .but this cocktail can transform the non-whiskey drinker into an aficionado.
The Southpaw Cocktail is an out of the ordinary twist on a classic Maid, softened to bring out the vanilla notes in the Jameson. Andrew never really takes credit for “making up” a cocktail. He always says “every cocktail is a twist on a classic”.  I think this one is especially delicious.  When I was bartending this was my favorite trick. Someone would tell me they didn’t like whiskey. I told them if they didn’t like this cocktail, no problem, I’ll drink it and make them something  else. I never got to drink one.

Andrew (left) at Seven Grand L.A.

Andrew (left) at Seven Grand L.A.The Southpaw
1 3/4oz Jameson
3/4oz Fresh Lemon Juice
3/4oz Simple Syrup
1/2 Fresh Orange Juice
Cucumber Slices
Fresh Spearmint Leaves
Muddle around 3 slices of cucumbers.
Add all the ingredients including the spearmint leaves.
Add ice, the larger the better, and shake well.
Strain with a Hawthorne only over fresh ice.
Garnish with a cucumber slice and a fresh sprig of mint.
Andrew Abrahamson, general manager, Seven Grand L.A.

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