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Chili Fingers

My fingers are burning as I type this entry. Today’s dish involved a Roasted Tomatillo Salsa. This salsa calls for tomatillos and serrano peppers. It must have been the act of de-seeding that is causing this on-fire feeling I am currently having.  Besides the chili fingers, the salsa is good, but not as spicy as I thought it would be. I used the broiler this time for the roasting of the tomatillos, peppers and other ingredients, which worked better than the oven for dry roasting. The salsa is to top a Rice with Fish dish from Veracruz. This was probably the most flaky fish I’ve ever cooked.

Sunday night I was exhausted from our late night excursion with our friends. Andrew and I ended up getting a burrito from one of our local Taquerías, Mariellas. The burrito was massive and by the time dinner rolled around we weren’t too hungry. I decided to cook something anyways, even if it was small. I chose the Pumpkin and Tomato Dip from Yucatán. It sure didn’t come out like the picture. The photo showed this thick beautiful dip. Mine looked like a weird brown salsa. It tasted much more appetizing than it looked.

Last night was a Chicken in Almond Sauce from Oaxaca. That sauce was some serious business. Almonds, raisins, plantains and a ton of other ingredients. There was a lot of simmering and roasting, food processering (not a word but should be) and more simmering.  The dish wasn’t spicy at all so the inclusion of the pickled jalapeños as a garnish was a good little kick. Seeing as I am not a photographer, the sauce was brown and the lighting in my kitchen is pretty horrendous, I do not have a photo of this recipe. Tomorrow will be a leftovers day! We have a little catching up to do.

Here is the cookbook! Isn’t it beautiful!


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