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Drunken Chicken & Poblano Chile and Shrimp Soup

Today I almost bailed on cooking and instead went to Escala down the street for some happy hour. I sucked it up and got in the kitchen. But before I explain today, lets go back to yesterday.

Yesterday was an OK day. I was still bummed about my conversation with my orthopedic the day before about my hip. Looks like I’m a prime candidate for surgery on my torn labrum. I wanted to cook something delicious and get myself out of my little funk. Gina (a bomb.com Gyrotonic/Pilates instructor at my work) helped me pick out the recipes for the rest of the week. She would just flip to a page and I had to make it. Drunken Chicken or Gallinas Borrachas!  I do have one complaint about this cookbook. I feel like the author is too vague at times and I find myself guessing and having to shift recipes to make them make sense. I ended up cutting this recipe in quarters for the meat and in half for the other ingredients. She must cook with smaller chickens cause there was no way I was gonna fit two chicken in my big pan. It also says to quarter the chicken but in the picture of the dish the legs, thighs, wings and breast are seperate. I had the butcher quarter it for me which left me with four different pieces; leg with thigh and breast with wing. I’m not sure which is correct. All issues aside this dish from Coahuila was decadent. There was chicken, garlic, chorizo, ham, wine, raisins and so much more. Talk about meat heavy and a lack of veggies but sometimes you gotta go there. Andrew flat out told me, “there will be no leftovers.” I convinced him to save me a bowl to take to work the next day for my lunch. We did polish off the rest of the wine after we used half to cook the chicken. We may have opened another bottle which may have made getting up this morning at 5am slightly difficult. Good thing my 6am client is always in a good mood, ready to work and always brings his sense of humor.

In the cast iron cookin away.

Tonight I had the awesome idea to start cooking right after I had gotten my nails done. They had not completely dried yet, hence the smudges. I got over that as soon as I started tasting the broth as it was cooking. This was by far, the best dish we’ve had. Poblano Chile and Shrimp Soup from Guerrero. There was roasting of poblanos and soaking of dried ancho chiles. I used the food processor four different times. I had to remove thMade with Repix (http://repix.it)e seeds from about 60 little dried arbol chiles to make the Macha Salsa (featured at the top). This salsa was more of a paste that added some heat to an already spicy soup. The chiles had an earthiness to them and the broth was meaty and powerful. Andrew loves adding citrus to dishes and I agree that the soup benefited from a squeeze of lime. I keep walking back over to the pot or the Tupperware and taking bites out. I know I have to make it thru this book and I can’t really repeat any recipes, but this one, may have a comeback. 19 dishes down and a ton left to go!

Made with Repix (http://repix.it)

Dishes from- México: The Cookbook by Margarita Carrillo Arronte

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