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Mexico: The Cookbook- you’re being replaced & a 5 year anniversary

I’ve cooked a total of 19 recipes from Mexico: The Cookbook. After being frustrated last week by the mistakes and lack of some instructions in the recipes, I vented to Andrew. Am I a bad cook, am I not understanding what they are talking about or unable to assume what they mean? Andrew got on Amazon to check out reviews of the book and see if it was just me. I’m not the only one having issues. There were tons of Chefs, other cookbook authors and regular people like me having issues. People were listing a ton of other problems in recipes I hadn’t even cooked yet. Looking back at all the recipes I had cooked, there was something wrong with every single one.

The tortilla recipe called for 5 cups of masa harina and 1 cup of water. That just gives me slightly more clumpy flour, nothing I could possibly roll into a ball and flatten into a tortilla. I could go on but I’d rather just find a new book and get back to cooking. I’ve missed it the past few days. My sister is bringing a couple books from my parents house for me to choose from next week sometime.

And for the 5 year anniversary . . . that’s from Andrew and I! We went on our first date January 12, 2010. We saw the band Seven Saturdays at the Bootleg Theater and had a amazing time, obviously! Last night we went out for a Thai dinner then watched the rest of the College Championship Game. I was rooting for the Buckeyes, he was for the Ducks. I win! Both in the game and with snagging him.

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