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That Is Some Green Soup

First things first, the important news . . . Andrew and I are getting 3 visitors coming to stay with us here in LA in our 1 bedroom apartment. Not just any visitors, my Mama (Lupe), my sister (Kate) and my niece (Abyssinia-or Aby)!  Aby is shooting a commercial for Nerf something or other over the weekend and any excuse I can get to have them over is a good one. My Mom is coming along to keep Kate company during the 8 hr drive and to see our new apartment. We’ve been here for a year and half but she hasn’t seen our circa 1936 apartment with hardwood floors, big windows, an actual bedroom, big kid apartment.  Not only will I have help in the kitchen and more mouths to feed (no more needing to cut recipes in half), but I will have an expert in the kitchen with me. Hopefully she will let me do most of the cooking and be full of advice, but that woman loves to take over and do all the work. 😉

Tuesday night I made Arroz Verde which was also from the Veracruz area along with the Pollo en Ajillo. Since we had so many left overs from the chicken we were able to eat them together.  Making this rice was so fun.  In the recipe instructions she said that the rice wouldn’t turn too vibrant of a green,

but holy crap, mine looked like it came out of Dr. Seuss. It was a mixture of tomatillos, onions, garlic, jalapeños and cilantro that went into the rice to turn it that awesome color. The rice came out flavorful and spicy which went great with the dark red sauce and chicken from the previous night. I’m not sure if they eat them together over there in Veracruz, but it tasted pretty good together. Andrew ate it for the first time yesterday for lunch. I told him to text me and let me know how he liked it. I got a text a few hours later, “You’re such a good bleeping cook.”

Soup night was last night. Pozolillo was on the menu. It is similar to pozole but uses regular corn instead of hominy.  This was a serious green soup. The broth started as just the water from cooking the pork and chicken, then you take some of it and blend it with poblano peppers, onions, garlic, corn etc. You pour that back in and do a lot of simmering , adding the epazote at the end for the last 5 minutes. Once the soup is in the bowl you add diced onions, diced serranos for heat and a squeeze of lime. I had one bowl with my Negra Modelo, Andrew had 4 bowls and now we have no leftovers.


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