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Roasted Poblanos Are My Nemesis

Last night I ended up being in the kitchen for 3 hours. I made Chiles Rellenos de Papa y Sardines and Carne de Puerco con Rajas. The Chiles Rellenos dish was from Sra. Maria Redondo De Williams and needed 6 poblano chiles, charred, peeled, seeds and veins removes, but left whole so I could stuff them with the potatoes and sardines. The pork soup from Michoacan called for 3 poblano chiles, charred, peeled, seeds and veins removed and cut into narrow strips. I’ve been charring in my broiler so I can get the nice dark char and blistering all over the chiles. I check the oven every couple minutes and rotate the chiles. It’s so hard to get the sides of the chiles roasted; I keep trying to lean them up against each other only to have them fall down once I push the broiler back in. Last night I refreshed my memory of all the curse words I may have forgotten.

Once I pull out the chiles I put them into big ziplock bags, seal them and wrap them in a towel to sweat them. I leave ’em in there for 5ish minutes or till my patience runs out. Then my real lack of talents appear. Some skin peels off really easy, while parts that didn’t char much stay on there laughing at me as I try and gently scrap them off. Maybe more roasting is needed? Then some parts are too roasted so when I pull the skin off, parts of the chilies rip and open up, which usually isn’t a bad thing except when the recipe says to keep them whole so you can stuff them. The 6 chiles from the Rellenos dish then soak in a vinegar onion marinade for 2 hours. It was during that wait time that I made the soup.

Since I could take the chiles apart for this dish, I went to town trying to get those damn skins off. I also ended up not having enough pork for the dish so I added leftover chicken from a few days prior.The soup was hearty and had a little spice from the 3 whole Serrano chiles that were blended with tomatoes and tomatillos and added to the broth.

Finishing the stuffed poblanos was simple since the dish could be served room temperature. I drained the chiles from the vinegar marinade, stuffed them with the potatoes and sardines and poured a bit of the marinade on top. Two dishes I had never had before but definitely can’t wait to try again. Hopefully with better charing and de-skinning skills. If anyone has any ideas or recommendations I would love to hear them!

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