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Always Something New in K-town

Picture from discoverlosangeles.com

Have you guys checked out the new vegetable inspired restaurant at the Line Hotel, Commissary? I went by on Saturday after I found out one of my old co-workers from The Farm of Beverly Hills was just hired as a manager there. He had previously been managing Roy Choi’s other restaurant, A-Frame.  I headed over seeing as it is only two blocks from my house.

First of all, the Line Hotel is pretty awesome. I remember when I first moved to Koreatown in 2009 and walked into this hotel (before it became the Line Hotel) and it was like stepping back in time and not in a good way. I was curious to see if there was a bar or restaurant I could work at seeing as though I had my first apartment that I had to pay for all by myself. There was no bar and no restaurant and it was pretty dingy.

Now it’s a whole different story. On the main level there is Pot (the restaurant), Pot Lobby Bar (a bar) and a Cafe. Upstairs on the same floor as the pool is Commissary. The pool and Commissary is all part of the outdoor area. Commissary’s main dining and bar area is inside a huge greenhouse. There are plants hanging all around you while a cool breeze floats through. It is really beautiful.

I only had the Pimp’s cup (some of the drinks come in deli cups too, which is awesome) which was a twist on a Pimm’s Cup, the fried egg dish with bacon and the french fries. All the food was great, but I can’t wait to try more. Katie and Mark had ordered the Gin and Juice. Mark had Gin and watermelon and Katie had Gin with pineapple. They were gracious enough to let me try both and they were really tasty.

I totally forgot to take pictures while I was there but hopefully I will return soon! I’ll just leave you with this picture from l got from LA Eater. I love that K-town is finally getting some love.


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