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Veggie Week

Veggie week went well. This week will be half veggies, half meat. I also went through and counted how many recipes I have left to meet my goal . . . 225 recipes to do in 288 days. That gives me some time for days off and travel I have planned for the rest of the year. And lazy days, we can’t forget about lazy days!

Last week I made Garrison Potatoes (mound of food on the right in the photo) and Mushroom in Chile Guajillo (pictured left). The Garrison Potatoes (Papa Cuarteleras) comes from Chihuahua from Sra. María Luisa Espinosa de Rodríguez. Diana Kennedy explains that Sra. Espinosa’s husband was being held prisoner for failing to complete his military service and she would bring him food every day, this potato dish being one of them. The dish is quite simple but full of flavor. Letting the potatoes sit in the onion and pickled jalepeños once they are done cooking really lets the flavor soak in.

Hongos en Chile Guajillo (Mushrooms in Chile Guajillo) comes from Oaxaca, from Sra. Esmirna Cruz Rojas.  This recipe called for 7 Guajillos chiles with just garlic, onion and lime. I love the flavor that comes from the Guajillo chile, but they are a pain in the ass to prepare. After you remove the veins and seeds you have to soak them for about 15 minutes. Once you blend them with the other ingredients you have to press the puree thru a strainer because no matter how long you blend there are still parts of tough skin left over. What you get is this beautiful, dark, brick red chile paste that tastes amazing.


Quesadillas de Verduras were amazing. Not only because the recipe told me to fry them in oil like a taco, but the veggie medley was spicy and flavorful. The vegan mozzarella cheese worked out great and while it didn’t taste as good as real mozzarella, it still gave me that feeling and texture I’ve been missing so much (damn you, hives). The quesadillas had carrots, onion, green beans, zucchini, corn and serrano chiles.  I made corn tortillas again, but those little suckers were giving me the hardest time when I tried to fold them over. Too thin, not enough water, too much water, I didn’t know.  I also made a fresh salsa to dip our quesadillas in, a simple recipe from my Mom, not one from the book (the remnants pictured at the top). No measurements required, just taste and adjust. Thanks, Ma!


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