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Vegetarian, Pescatarian, Iguana/Porktarian, Poultrytarian

Chiles Pasillas Rellenos De Papa: Pasilla Chiles Stuffed With Potatoes. This recipe is said to go back some 200 years.  I had to bring the dried pasilla chiles back to life with hot water, carefully taking out the seeds and veins while trying to leave them as whole as possible. Stuffed them with potatoes and vegan cheese (which Andrew stated that he really dislikes). The sauce on the other hand was amazing. Tomatillos, onion, garlic, chicken broth and the secret ingredient: brown sugar. I liked it and I’m sure it would taste a million times better with real cheese. I’m starting to realize that the flavors of these dishes does not blend well with fake cheese.

IMG_3261Pescado Al Vapor: Steamed Fish. Holy shit! Thank you Tabasco for giving me this dish. I used the fish I had in my freezer, even though Diana Kennedy said to use fresh fish with the skin on. The dish still tasted AMAZING. You sauté all the ingredients in the pan and set the fish on top of those ingredients to steam. The steam rack was made up of onions, garlic, bell pepper, one lone habanero which made everything so spicy and delicious, and some herbs. You just put the fish on top and put a lid on the pan and let it steam. So much flavor in such a quick dish. It was really refreshing not needing to spend hours in the kitchen to get a flavorful dish.

Mole De Iguana Negra: Mole of Black Iguana. Wow, iguana is such a unique flavor. Just kidding, this recipe can also be made with pork, which I opted to using instead of iguana. For my first mole I thought it turned out really well.  It’s the chiles that turn a dish from quick into time consuming. I had to de-seed and de-vein 40 costeño chiles and then roast them. I’m having the hardest time finding hoja de santa leaves, even at the Mexican grocery stores. I may order them online soon because I have so many recipes needing them as a main ingredient. This mole was interesting because it called for masa to be added, to thicken the sauce, I’m guessing. I made some traditional Mexican rice to go along with the mole and burnt the shit out of my pan. The pan is now in the trash, RIP.  I really need to get some thicker pots and pans.

Mole Costeño: Mole as prepared on the coast. It is from the Southern Pacific Coast, Oaxaca to be exact.  WINNER! This mole took me hours and I was so sweaty and covered in sauce by the end of it. Again, my pans are too thin and once the sauce starts really cooking, it splatters EVERYWHERE!  For this sauce I cleaned 9 ancho chiles, 10 chiles de árbol, 20 puya chiles, and 8 guajillo chiles. I had to char all of them after cleaning them and soak them in hot water. I had to roast garlic and broil tomatoes. I got to use my molcajete to grind cloves, pepper, cinnamon, and oregano. I had to sauté almonds with raisins and plantains. Everything was blended separately and all added to the sauce.  It was a chicken based mole and also used the chicken broth (from cooking the chicken) as part of the sauce. Amazingly good but amazingly time consuming.

Pollo Garnachero with Salsa para Garnachas and Chilito. This dish is also from Oaxaca. It is a chicken and potato dish fried in the Salsa para Garnachas and topped with Chilito. It was nice getting three recipes out of the way with one dish. This one took me a while, partly because I fell asleep around the time I should have started cooking, so I didn’t get started till 7 p.m.  The sauce for the garnachas took 25 chipotle mora chiles and 2 pasilla chiles. It turned this dark red color and proceeded to splatter all over my arms, chest, face, the floor, my counter, the stove and even the wall behind the stove. The Chilito was really interesting to make. It was more like a vinegar slaw. It was made up of cabbage, onions, jalapeños, carrots, garlic, oregano and a pineapple or fruity vinegar. I couldn’t find pineapple vinegar and went for a raspberry vinegar. The slaw really cut into the richness of the sauce. Getting a bite of chicken and potato, covered in sauce and topped with the crunchy slaw was pretty awesome. I’ll be making this one again.


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