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two AMAZING tacos

Well, I didn’t make the tortillas for this round of tacos, but I did buy the tiniest tortillas I could find at Whole Foods so I could feel like I was in México, or at least a taco truck.

Also, I made Asado de Chile Colorado, Stew of Pork in Chile Sauce from Chihuahua a couple days ago. It was one of the first times I got to use New Mexican Chiles and it was so delicious that I ate it all and forgot to take a picture of it. The seasonings were oregano, bay leaf and cinnamon (mmmm). It was soooooo good and I apologize for not having any evidence. I actually hid this one in the fridge so Andrew wouldn’t take it to work the next day.

I started yesterday afternoon making Carne de Puerco en Pipián, a Pork in Pumpkin Seed Sauce. The dish originates from Michoacán and is supposed to be eaten like a mole with corn tortillas. So I guess it wasn’t really a taco, but we did use tortillas to pick up the pork in its delicious sauce. As you can tell from the seed picture, there were a ton of sesame seeds, chile seeds and pumpkin seeds added to the sauce to make it earthy and delicious. I had been saving the extra chile seeds from previous recipes but I was still short of the 2/3 cup in the end. I added extra chipotles en adobo to try and make up for it. And THANK YOU, Whole Foods for finally having the cut of pork all of these pork recipes are calling for . . . country-style spare ribs. I’ve been having to use pork butt or shoulder and while it is still tasty, I could taste the difference this time around.

IMG_3323Once the pork finished cooking, I let it marinate in the sauce while I tackled the mushrooms. While I wasn’t as prepared as I should have been with getting mushrooms, the dish still turned out great. We have great mushroom vendors at both the Larchmont Farmer’s Market and the Hollywood Farmer’s market that would carry the unique types of field mushrooms I need. I settled for going to Whole Food and trying to pick up the weirdest looking ‘shrooms I could find. I’m going to have to prepare in advance if I know I’m cooking mushrooms and get to the market on Sunday. I made Hongos De Llano Guisados, Field Mushrooms cooked with Chile and Epazote. This recipe is in the mushroom section of the book. Yes, she has a mushroom section . . . I love mushrooms! The dish was simple and called for two whole Serrano chiles so there was definitely a kick.  I thought both of these dishes were definite keepers. I even finished Andrew’s mushrooms for him.


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