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A Tostada Fiesta

Who’s crazy idea was it to make tostadas? Who’s idea was it to fry the tortillas themselves, make and mash the beans, make the rice, salsa, fish topping, chorizo topping and mushroom topping? Oh yeah . . . mine . . . duh. It was Tostada Tuesday last week and I got a little carried away. My good friend Hila was in town from Tel Aviv and I thought it would be fitting to have a food party. While there were only 5 people eating, I may have cooked for 15 (Thanks, Mom! She always cooks for an army, no matter what).

I made Anguila Guisada, shredded eel or fish from Veracruz. Shredded fish with onions and spices, capers and green olives. I got to use the achiote paste I had stored in the freezer from a previous dish. Super juicy, super yum!

I then made Hongos Trompetas para Tacos, lobster mushrooms for tacos or tostadas in my case. Mushrooms with onions, garlic and jalapeño chiles. This dish was SPICY. I am a serious mushroom fan so I kept going back for more even as my lips were burning.

No feast is ever complete without chorizo. Finally, I tackled Calabacitas Divinas, Divine Squash. The main ingredients in this dish was the chorizo, zuchinni and poblano chiles (charred, peeled, veins and seeds removed and cut into strips of course). This one was a hit, especially with Andrew.

I also used the left over pork dish from the night before as an extra topping, as if we didn’t already have enough.

We set out avocado slices, lime, crema, lettuce and salsa for toppings. I had plenty of leftovers and we finished the night playing 3’s and UNO.


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