PILATES and lifestyle w/ and emphasis on food and DRINK


Guajillo chiles are what these two dishes have in common. This chile is thinner and more of a bright red than the ancho and pasilla chiles. The skin is also smoother but unlike other chiles I still have to strain it into sauces after blending. The skin is tougher and no matter how long they are soaked, extra attention is needed for the guajillos.

Pulpo en Salsa de Guajillo, octopus in guajillo chili sauce from Jalisco. Diana Kennedy mentions in the notes prior to the recipe that squid could be substituted or be used in addition to the octopus. I decided to go with squid since I already know I like it. Besides the toasting of the guajillos and the broiling of the tomatoes this dish was fairly simple. Cutting raw squid into little pieces is an art I will have to work on. Slippery suckers. The squid simmered in the sauce for almost an hour but it came out so tender and not chewy or over done at all. There was some spice and some earthiness to the sauce. It reminded me of a ground beef or turkey chili I would eat in the winter. A really new and fun way to cook squid.

Chuletas de Puerco en Agridulce, Pork chops in a sweet-sour sauce from Morelia and Tacámbaro. While the dish before called for a bunch of guajillos, this one only used three. It also called for a ton of onions cooked with pineapple, oj, lime and a ton of spices. It reminded Andrew of a cranberry sauce at Thanksgiving. Steaming the pork over the onions kept the chops really tender.

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