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Epic Food for an Epic Playoff Game

First and foremost . . . GO BULLS

I got lazy last night and took the night off from cooking. Andrew and I ate chicken wings for dinner . . . because we are 12-year-olds.

Tonight I cooked 3 dishes and 1 salsa. I started the night cooking Botana de Papas Locas, Crazy Potato Snack from Guanajuato. About a pound of teeny potatoes with onions and powdered chile de árbol. I made the mistake of leaning right over the pan after I added the powdered chile and accidentally ended up getting a big whiff. This lead to a ridiculous amount of coughing and eye wiping. It was worth it.

IMG_3376Longaniza con Papas y Nopales, Chorizo with Potatoes and Nopal Cactus from Hidalgo because you can never eat enough potatoes. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get fresh Longaniza and I didn’t want to settle for just chorizo. My local Jon’s grocery store carried a packaged version of Longaniza. That was sliced and added to the sizzling cactus in the pan with the potatoes.  This cooked over low heat for about 30 minutes. I slung it on a tortilla and then made Salsa de Tomate Verde y Aguacate, Mexican Green Sauce with Avocado from the Central Hub. The sauce was made up of tomatillos, avocado, cilantro and serrano peppers. Mmmmm . . . so good.

Last but not least, a unique dish. Ensalada de Tomate Verde, Mexican Green Tomato Salad from San Miguel De Allende. This was a fresh little salad of tomates verdes, serranos, cilantro and onion. The toppings are made up of avocado, queso fresco and CHICHARRÓN! I love chicharrón! You can check out this delicious salad at the top of the page, one of my favorite photos to date.

All this plus a Bulls win in overtime? Awesome! While I would have loved for them to win in regulation, I’ll take it.


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