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Saturday = Chilaquiles

Saturdays are one of my favorite days of the week. It is the start of the weekend and I know I still have one more day to enjoy before the week starts again. I always teach on Saturday mornings and while I don’t work at the chiropractor’s office/studio on Saturdays anymore, I still go to my private client’s house to teach him and his friend. They are easy-going and like to work hard which makes me fall in love with Pilates all over again.

This Saturday I got up extra early and went to a Bar Method class over on 3rd Street. While Pilates is my main form of exercise (besides dancing), I love to mix it up with some barre classes. The studio on 3rd is nice and intimate and on the second floor so you get to look out at 3rd Street, which wasn’t too bustling at 7:45 am, but is normally a great way to distract yourself from the burning in your quads, inner thighs and ass.

After teaching I stopped at Whole Foods to pick up ingredients for the Chilaquiles and a couple other dishes to finish out the week.


Chilaquiles En Salsa Verde De Sra. Juana from Michoacán. I love Chilaquiles any way so I knew I would be happy no matter how these were cooked. While I didn’t use fresh tortillas, I did fry my own into crisp little chips. I mixed those with the onions and with the verde salsa that I forgot to take a picture of. Imagine a beautiful bright green, spicy sauce. Got it on a plate , stuck a couple fried eggs on top and managed to get one quick picture and then inhaled it in 3 minutes. Did I mention I LOVE chilaquiles.


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