PILATES and lifestyle w/ and emphasis on food and DRINK

More Mexican Breakfast.

Huevos Encobijados, Blanketed Eggs from the Central Hub of Mexico.

I really felt like I was preparing a dish for a restaurant with this one. Presentation and flavors were pretty amazing.

I started with some black beans and refried them. I unfortunately didn’t have any fresh beans made, but I did have a can of beans in my pantry, so I added a little oil and got to frying.


I cooked up the “basic tomato sauce” which consists of only tomtaoes, serranos and garlic but packs some serious flavor. Once that had reduced on the stove I got to frying the tortillas. Again I didn’t have any fresh ones on had so I fried the prepared tortillas I did have in the fridge.


This is when things got serious. I made my first ever . . . drum roll please . . . poached eggs. Not like poached eggs in a container, but legit, swirling the water, pouring the egg in and hoping for the best, poached egg. Not only did I make one, but I made three! The second one didn’t turn out too well so I had to have a re-do. I was still pretty proud of myself.

The tortilla got on the plate first and I lined it with the refried beans and set the egg on top of the tortilla.


I sprinkled cilantro on top of the egg, poured the tomato sauce on top and finished it with onions and gave Andrew some crema. This dish was demolished. It tasted better than it looked, if that is possible.


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