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The Strangest/Most Delicious Guacamole I’ve Ever Had.

You could call this a dessert guacamole, a fruity guacamole or just a damn good and different guacamole. This Guacamole Chamacuero is from Sra. Leticia Sánchez from Comonfort, Guanajuato.

As you can see from the pictures above it includes serranos, onions, pears, grapes and pomegranate seeds. I have to admit that Andrew was looking at me with some skepticism and actually said, “can I just eat the guacamole separately and then eat the fruit?”


“No!” I yelled. “I’m cutting the recipe in half and I at least have to make it and try it or I will have failed my New Year’s Resolution. Do you want me to fail my New Year’s Resolution?!” I am SO glad I made this. It tasted INCREDIBLE. No joke. The spiciness of the serranos with the creaminess of the avocado with the tartness of all the fruit made this dish amazing. We finished it in about ten minutes. This could be my new party trick.


3 Responses to “The Strangest/Most Delicious Guacamole I’ve Ever Had.”

  1. ccerebrations

    Sounds a bit weird but also looks delicious. Reminds me of when I questioned this jalapeno/cranberry/cream cheese dip but it turned out amazing and is always popular when I bring it places.

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