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Damn you, corn tortillas.

Alright. I was beyond excited to attack these steamed tacos. I got down and dirty and made both fillings, the beef, the potato and the salsa verde for on top. Not to mention I tried making the corn tortillas again from scratch. I have got to keep practicing these corn tortillas. They turned out too dry, maybe not enough water? They wouldn’t fold well and my makeshift steamer did nothing, the tacos were a bit steamed, but only on one side. At least the fillings were good and the salsa was incredible. Get ready to be bombed with photos!

I started the evening making the Carne Deshebrada Para Tacos Sudados, Shredded Meat Filling for Steamed Tacos. This whole recipe is from Michoacán. As the skirt steak was boiling I got down to business making the sauce for it. I’ve started to love, love, love ancho/pasilla dried chiles. They take any dish to the next level. The sauce only consisted of pasillas, garlic and onion. Of course it fried in a pan for a good time, splattering me with a brick colored, extremely hot sauce. Then went in the shredded meat and continued to fry. I will admit to taking many nibbles of this before the tacos were made, I had to make sure the seasoning was good, you know?


After that came the Papas Guisadas Para Tacos Sudados, Potato Filling for Steamed Tacos. I rocked these poblano chiles. For the first time I was able to broil, peel off the skin and remove the seeds and veins with little to no problem. Granted, I was only doing three poblanos, but that is success. It will make up for horrible tortillas I made. Embarrassing. This filling was only made up of potatoes, onion, poblanos and some tomatoes. Pretty simple, but really tasty. I may have also eaten a little bowl of this during prep.

After this came the Salsa Verde Cruda, Raw Green Tomato Sauce. While the green tomatoes were boiled first, there was so sautéing of the salsa before eating, hence the Cruda/Raw part. Again a super easy salsa to make and one that I should have on hand at all times. It called for four serrano chiles, but I could go for more. Maybe the serranos I picked up weren’t as spicy as normal. There is only about a half a cup of salsa left after dinner. Andrew’s favorite food group is salsa.


Ugh, then came the tortilla making. I just have to keep practicing. Maybe I need more water, more oil on the comal, thinner tortillas (most definitely), SKILL!! Andrew yelled at me for being hard on myself. They weren’t the worst tortillas I’ve made, but not the best. And the steaming was pretty much non-existent. The whole meal was great though and I can’t wait to tackle the left overs.

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