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Soup Soup Ba-Doop

Because you should reference Salt-n-Pepper whenever possible. Well, seeing as LA is experiencing spring right now, I thought a warm, cozy soup would do the trick.

Frijoles Blancos Guisados (White Beans with Cilantro and Chile Ancho) from the old cookbook: Nuevo y Sencillo Arte De Cocina from 1865.

Since Wednesday is my “late” day at work, I put the beans in the slow cooker and let them do their thing. I was in at 1:30, taught 6 clients and was out the door by 6:30. I was gone a little too long compared to how many beans needed to be cooked so they were a little over done. You are able to use the broth from making the beans for the base of the soup which takes this recipe from simple to effortless. Anchos and onion are blended together with some beans and broth and fried in a little oil, then added to the soup for the extra flavor. Asparagus is not called for in the recipe, but I had some in the fridge and felt like it would work. I was supposed to melt cheese in the soup but since I can’t, I didn’t. But I can only imagine how amazing it would have tasted.  It’s a vegan recipe now! If any of my vegan friends want the recipe let me know!

Andrew told me he had the soup when he got home from work around 2am. He thought it was so good. And the asparagus was his favorite part. YES! My cooking intuitions are killin’ it.


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