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Rice & Cheese Please

Arroz Blanco con Rajas y Panela, White Rice with Chile Strips and Panela Cheese from Jalisco. I’ve always been a rice fan regardless of how it is served. In a soup, plain and white, Mexican style with hard boiled eggs on top (thanks, Ma), sweet and sticky with mango in Thailand. Rice is the staple for many people’s diet all around the world. It is cheap, easy to cook and soaks up any flavors you add to it. This dish was simple and it was all I ate for dinner.

I fried the rice with the onions and oil and then threw in water and my homemade almond milk. The jalapeño strips came in next and was left to cook uncovered. Then there was a lot of letting it sit and cook, letting it sit and cook covered, and letting it sit covered off the burner.


I was told to use either queso panela or Muenster cheese on top. I’ve always loved Muenster cheese. My mom would use it in a variety of things and it always took the place of anything you would use cheddar in. I had never really eaten much cheddar cheese until I got older and was asked questions about why I used that cheese for quesadillas and other things.

I slipped a slice on top of the rice and covered it back up. I scooped around the cheese for my portion and was in heaven. A creamy, salty, hint of spice dish that is so simple.


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