PILATES and lifestyle w/ and emphasis on food and DRINK

Comfort Food . . . Done Right.

Lomo Relleno, Stuffed Pork Roll from Jalisco.

I didn’t slice my pork loin quite thin enough so the rolling didn’t turn out so well, but it tasted incredible.

The filling was made up of chorizo, mashed potatoes, onion and one egg. This was spread over the pork that had been marinating in the refrigerator in vinegar, salt and pepper. I tied up the “rolled” pork and set it in a larger pot with some water to cook over low heat for about 45 minutes. Don’t mind my shitty rolling and tie job.

IMG_3852While the meat was cooking I worked on the sauce. Anchos, vinegar, spices, and french bread. I added that to the meat once it was finished in the pot. The filling kept falling out but I figured it would make a delicious broth. Once the meat had cooked in the sauce for a few minutes I added in the the broth from the 45 minutes of cooking from earlier.

It was finally done and actually held a little of it’s shape once I untied the string. Andrew loved it, calling it “comfort food.” He just finished the leftovers for breakfast. The meat was tender and the sauce tasted like a gravy at Thanksgiving.

167 recipes left to go.


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