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Going for Giblets & Veggie Dishes

Yes, you read that right . . . giblets. Pollo en Menudencias, Chicken in a Giblet Sauce. The sauce consisted of gizzards, hearts and livers. There was also, garlic, lime, cumin and red wine. I was a little nervous to eat it, but the sauce ended up tasting like a gravy you would have at Thanksgiving. It was pretty good, surprisingly, but I am usually willing to eat almost anything.  I would make it again but use less of all the insides to make the sauce less powerful and pungent. Andrew tried one teeny piece of chicken because he wants to be someone who doesn’t get queasy with things like this. For travel purposes, he says. He may have stuck it in his mouth and ran away. I will admit the smell of the dish was not very pleasant, but he did come back saying, “That’s actually not bad.”

IMG_3874Papas Con Chile, Potatoes with Chile Poblano from the old cookbook: La Cocinera Poblana, 1877. More expert roasting of poblano chiles was needed for this. Potatoes, garlic and a little Muester cheese. The potatoes soaked up this sauce like no other and Andrew ate these for breakfast in a scramble the next day. I’ll eat potatoes any way, any day so this one was a keeper.

Calabacitas con Hongos, Squash with Mushrooms. This one was my favorite of the three. I love mushrooms and zucchini is high on my list as well. They were cooked with poblanos (again), cilantro and onion. I made my “sour cream” with coconut cream and apple cider vinegar again and threw in some Muenster for Andrew. So good. This also went into Andrew’s breakfast scramble the next day. That’s right Katie Sanborn, Andrew ate BREAKFAST!


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