PILATES and lifestyle w/ and emphasis on food and DRINK

Cactus & Beans

Frijoles Para Vigilia, Lenten beans from the cookbook El Novísimo Arte de Cocina (Newest Art of Cooking), 1831. A dish commonly served for Lent in Mexico. The beans can be a puree to cover eggs on a crouton or served as a soup with an egg and crouton on top. I went for the soup. It was so simple and full of so much flavor thanks to the cinnamon, peppercorns, oregano and thyme added to the beans.



Then came the Ensalada De Nopalitos Estilo San Pancho, Nopal Salad (San Pancho Style) from Michoacán. I wasn’t lazy this time around when it came to buying the cactus leaves. Instead of buying de-thorned, pre-cut cactus, I went all in a bought the thing whole. I ran a knife across to get the spikes out and cut it my self. This reminded me more of a relish or pico de gallo with cactus. The cactus had to be cooked first, then marinated in all the ingredients. I stuffed it in a taco first and also added it to the bean soup. Both ways worked well.


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