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Chile Rellenos, Fish & Rice

Monday I was ready to cook. First came the Arroz con Chile Ancho, Rice cooked with Ancho Chile from the cookbook La Cocinera Poblano, 1877. A simple rice dish with saffron and ancho chiles. Perfect to accompany the next dish.

Pescado en Mac’cum from Campeche. The fish was rinsed in lime and covered in an achiote and spice paste and left to marinate for 30 minutes. It was cooked with tomatoes and onions and what was supposed to be x-cat-ik chiles, which I couldn’t find, grabbing Anaheim chiles instead.

I didn’t stop there. Chile Rellenos de Acelgas y Chicharos, Chiles Stuffed with Chard and Peas from the old cookbook, La Cocinera Poblana from 1877. An awesome vegetarian dish, maybe even vegan if you don’t use cheese, which isn’t necessary. I filled the prepared poblanos with chard, peas, onion and tomatoes and in the oven it went. I melted some Muenster cheese over Andrew’s half and left mine cheese-less. Amazing.



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