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More Enchiladas

Enchiladas Rojas de Aguascalientes, Red Enchiladas from Aguascalientes.

The sauce was simple in this one. Anchos, garlic and water. Andrew’s words, “mmm, this sauce is good. It’s a dirty sauce.” It was pretty earthy tasting, no sweetness found here like the last enchiladas I made.

Instead of dipping the tortilla in the sauce then frying it, these tortillas were just dipped in hot oil to cook them then rolled with some onion inside. The sauce was poured over and topped with cotija cheese and sour cream.

On the side was some broiled chicken with the ancho sauce (that is sauce people, not char) and broiled potatoes. We ended up smothering everything in sauce.

Andrew’s review, “this isn’t even restaurant quality anymore, it’s Mexico quality.”


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