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Beef Stew and a Bloody Finger

I guess it was only a matter of time before an accident happened. This one turned out to be a bit of a bloody one, but a big thank you goes out to my nail for being a bit long and saving my finger tip. The dangerous recipe was Chilate De Res, Beef stew with Chiles Costeños from Oaxaca. It shouldn’t have been dangerous but I had over cooked the meat and decided that I should cut it into smaller pieces so it would be less noticeable.

The problem I am having with some of these recipes is that I am cutting the portions from 6-10 down to 2. This means way less meat and a huge change in meat cooking time. For many of these recipes the meat is to be simmered in water with onions, garlic and salt. My pans are paper thin and the meat goes from tender to over done in minutes. I’ve gotten better at timing and checking and just being o.k. with the fact that the broth from cooking the meat may not be as flavorful, seeing as it only cooked for 15-20 minutes.

This stew called for costeño chiles or puya and chiles de árbol if I didn’t have costeños on hand. There was some broiling of garlic, onion, tomatoes and chiles involved. The broth also had a little bit of masa added to give it some thickness and flavor.

As I was chopping that over done meat I was moving a little too quickly. I’m not competing on some Food Network competition so I have no idea what the need for speed was.  (Although, have you checked out those kids on Rachel Ray’s kids cookoff, they are pretty amazing). That’s when it happened. Down the knife went on my left thumb, thru my nail and a good ways into my skin. I quickly snatched my hand up, checked it out and thought, “Oh, not so bad.” That’s when it started bleeding, non-stop. I looked down, grabbed my bright orange nail that was on the chopping block and ran to the sink. Once it was covered in a paper towel I returned to the scene of the crime and checked for finger, nail or blood remnants. I had snatched my finger up so fast, before the bleeding had started, that there was nothing to clean up for throw away. Ha ha, sorry Andrew.

I didn’t care for this soup too much, maybe because I was injured in the process or disappointed in my meat cooking and chopping skills, I don’t know. Andrew on the other hand loved it. There were no leftovers.


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