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Just a Bunch of Good Food.

I started with the Calabacitas Rellenas de Flor, Zucchini stuffed with Squash Blossoms from one of the Old Mexican Cookbooks Diana Kennedy references in the book.

I love going to the big Mexican grocery store on Olympic and Hoover-ish and finding bunches and bunches of squash blossoms. I always buy them out because they cook down into hardly anything. These squash flowers were cooked with onion, garlic and tomatoes and they really don’t need much because they taste so good on their own. I love the crunch from the different parts of the flowers and how much flavor they soak up. They are time consuming to prepare because of the need to remove the sepals from the outside of the flowers, but worth the time.


The mixture went into some halfway cooked squash that had the seeds scrapped out. There was some cheese spread on top and cream poured between them. Out of this world good.


I paired the squash with Carne con Chile Güero, Pork in a  Güero Chile sauce from Zacatecas. Talk about an easy dish. The sauce was simply chiles, tomatoes and a ton of garlic. The meat cooks for a short time in water and garlic and then fries in the sauce. The recipe didn’t call for ribs, but I went for it anyway.


I also cooked some Chayotes con Natas, Chayotes with Cream from Zacatecas as well. I had never cooked Chayotes before and was very curious as to what they would taste like. It reminded me of a zucchini in some ways and a honey dew with it’s color. They are cooked with onion, garlic, serrano and a little water. Once the water was absorbed, in went some creme fraiche instead of natas. Natas is somehting I could make from leaving milk sitting out and I just have this weird thing with milk that is not ice cold, so I will leave that to the professionals and buy creme fraiche. I really liked the crunch and flavor of Chayotes and am looking forward to cooking with them more.


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