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Sopes de Ostiones

I haven’t been cooking lately because of the beyond hot temperatures, not just outside, but inside my Los Angeles apartment. I am also behind on posting recipes I had cooked before it got crazy hot. Here are some of the things I’ve been up to before the heat wave.

Sopes topped with Oysters from Jalisco. Diana Kennedy had suggested using canned clams as an alternative and I went for the smoked baby clams.

The masa was mixed with some of the clam juice and of course a little lard. Making sopes is proving to be a little difficult for me. The masa is heated on the comal as if you are making tortillas and when they are still hot you press the dough up around the edge to create a rim. Talk about painful on the fingers.

IMG_4169The sopes are then topped with bean paste, clams, some cooked carrots and potatoes, shredded lettuce and onion. On top of all that is some homemade tomato sauce consisting of tomatoes, jalapeños, garlic and clam juice. The sopes are finished with a sprinkle of cheese and oregano.

I absolutely loved these and Andrew not so much. Too fishy and not enough citrus. A squeeze of lime would have maybe helped but I didn’t know how that would taste with the smokiness of the clams. I couldn’t stop eating them.


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