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Beans, Beans the magical fruit

Torrejas de Frijol, Bean Fritters in a Chile Sauce from Chihuahua. The beans are mashed with lard into a stiff paste so that they do not fall apart during the frying process.

They are set aside to cool and then added to the chopped onions and formed into little patties for frying.


The chile sauce is made up of New Mexican chiles, garlic and the broth from the beans. Once the blended ingredients are smooth enough you have to push it thru a fine mesh strainer to remove the tough pieces of skin. This is fried over medium heat and more bean broth is added.

IMG_4184The patties are then coated with the beaten eggs and slowly (clumsily) added to the hot oil. You have to wait until the bottom is pretty firm and a nice brown color before you flip or the whole thing will fall apart.

IMG_4186I decided to cook a relish to go with the fritters. Rajas de Chile “Ancho Verde” from Zacatecas. You take charred and peeled poblanos and add them to onions, tomatoes and garlic. All of those are added to vinegar and olive oil to marinate and to deepen the flavors. They gave a nice acidity to the delicious fritters.


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