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Chile Rellenos!

Yum, yum, yum! Chiles Rellenos en Salsa Verde, Stuffed Chiles in a Green Tomato Sauce from Coahuila.

These were so good and pretty easy to make. The stuffing was pork based, cooked with onions and garlic and the delicious verde sauce. The sauce got it’s green color from tomato verdes, serrano chiles, cilantro and a little oregano.

The pork was cooked on its own then cooked in the verde sauce to absorb all the flavors. I kept eating pieces while I was waiting for the poblanos to be charred.

Then came the fun part. The chiles were stuffed with the pork and closed as much as possible. I had to beat the egg whites until they were stiff but not dry. I had to google what the hell that meant. What I gathered was they had to be beaten until they formed little “peaks.” I tried to do it by hand and that wasn’t working out so well, so into the KitchenAid they went. Once I had little peaks forming the yolk was gradually added.

I patted flour over the surface of the chiles and then coated them with the egg batter right before they were put into the oil. The patience it takes to wait until the underside turns a nice golden color is not something that comes naturally to me. Once they were finished frying and drained they were covered with the left over salsa verde.  These were really, really, really good.

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