PILATES and lifestyle w/ and emphasis on food and DRINK

Back at it

I’ve been doing some traveling lately and have not been in the kitchen. A much better excuse than the heat. It’s been relatively cool lately and I’ve been cooking up a storm. Can you believe I have 105 recipes left! I’m almost in the double digits! These past two weeks have turned up some amazing food.

Figadete para Botana- Pork Rind Snack from Zacatecas. This was a simple taco filling that took hardly any time to assemble and just an hour or two to marinate. I omitted the cheese.

IMG_4530IMG_4531IMG_4532Chacales Estilo Ciudad Camargo- Dried Corn Soup by Senorita Rosa Hilda Núñez from Chihuahua. I had never used, let alone seen Chacales. It is the name for fresh corn kernels cooked, dried, and broken up into little pieces. It took some searching but I finally found some in a bin under the produce at my trusty Mexican grocery store. My trips to this market are always comical. While they do sell the hard to find ingredients I’m looking for, the cashiers can never remember the numbers to plug them into the register. They start shouting out to each other, trying to see who has it memorized. They think it is so funny, me buying this weird ingredient they rarely see while I try to hold a conversation with my struggling Spanish. It’s good for both of us. Smiles all around.

This took quite a bit longer to make because the dried pieces had to be brought back to life. The soup had a great texture and also came with a dark, earthy sauce. Salsa para Chacales- Sauce for the Dried Corn Soup. This sauce packed some heat from the ancho chiles, chiles de árbol and chipotle moras. This was a mini feast!

IMG_4529IMG_4533IMG_4534IMG_4538Lastly, a little treat for Andrew. Rajas en Cerveza- Chile Strips cooked in Beer from Senora Olga de Baca in Chihuahua. The poblano chiles were charred, peeled and all that other business and cooked in beer with onions. Cheese was placed on top and melted. I set this down in front of Andrew with a couple corn tortillas and walked back into the kitchen to cut the radishes for the soup. I turned around and it was gone.


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