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Cooking for One

Andrew is in Cuba right now. I’m pretty jealous over here but I have to keep cooking. I’ve been cutting the portions in half and eating leftovers for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I’m kinda bummed he missed these fava/lima bean recipes because I think he really would have liked them.

Sopa de Haba Seca- Dried Fava Bean soup from Senora Paula Cruz de Angeles from Hidalgo. I ended up using fresh fava beans so my cooking time was quite short. This is a simple dish, usually served around Lent. Favas, onion, serranos, and cumin gave the soup a light flavor. The addition of the mint and cooked nopales (cactus) was my favorite. I’m starting to really enjoy cactus.


Next on the menu was Frijoles Quebrados- Broken Beans from Senora Paula Cruz de Angeles. These beans were cooked with the sour tunas and a ton of guajillo chiles. As I am looking over the recipe right now I see that I forgot to do the “broken” part. The beans were supposed to be broken up before cooking. Well, mine were whole and tasted delicious. An easy soup with a lot of flavor.


I then tackled the Guaxmole- A Mole of Guajes from Morelos. This mole’s base was pork and the small lima beans helped to create the sauce. The green color came from blending together the serrano chiles and lima beans. This was a really tasty dish with a thick sauce and lit up my mouth.


Then came the star of the evening. Tortitas de Guajes en Salsa de Jitomate- Guaje Fritters in Tomato Sauce, also from Morelos. I again went for the baby lima beans. The fritters were simple: raw lima beans, onion, queso añejo (just a little) and eggs. They were dropped in hot oil and flipped once they were golden brown. They then went into a sauce of tomatoes, chicken broth and spices and cooked on both sides until the beans were tender. I would have eaten all the ones I had made but I was cooking so many dishes that I had to keep moving. I can’t wait to eat them all tonight.


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