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Chipping Away

Some of these dishes I am posting date back to October. I’ve obviously been lazy on the posting. I have been cooking and have 67 recipes left!

I made two Chicharron tacos.  Chicharrón en Tomatoe Verde and Chicharrón en Guajillo, both from Senorita Antonia Ortiz in Hidalgo.

I love pork, so I could eat these all day. I made two little tacos, knowing Andrew is not a fan.


Frijoles Gordos con Xocoyol from Sra. Manzano in Puebla. I really like lima beans, but I don’t think I’ve had them since middle school. This was a quick and tasty little soup that I subbed cactus for Xocoyol. It was spicy, understandably so, seeing as there were quite a few chiles de árbol involved.


Above you can see the toasted sesames and toasted chiles in my spice grinder.


Next comes the breakfast treat. Xocoyol Tipo Chorizo. Again I used cactus as a substitute, so Cactus Cooked Like Chorizo from Sra. Manzano from Puebla.

Ancho and Guajillo chiles are toasted and blended and added to the cactus with more herbs. In go the eggs and you have yourself a scramble that tastes very similar to Chorizo, for those of you that don’t like chorizo.


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