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Fritters, Fish & Shrimp

These rice fritters were probably the most interesting dish I have made in this whole cookbook. Tortas de Arroz en Chile Pasilla. Rice Fritters in Pasilla Chile Sauce. I soaked the rice and let it sit overnight. The next night I drained it and ground it in the food processor to a finely textured consistency.


The rice was mixed with queso añejo, salt and eggs. Once the oil is hot, you drop a tablespoon of the mixture to form fritters.


The pasilla chiles are used in a sauce that is made up of onion, garlic and tomates verdes. The fritters are added to the sauce and cooked for about 20 minutes to make sure the rice is tender. These were amazing.


Mone De Pescado, Fish Cooked in Hoja Santa from Ricardo Muñoz Zurita in Tabasco. This fish was stacked on top of plantains and tomatoes and topped with onions, garlic, cilantro and yellow peppers. This was all wrapped in a hoja santa leaf, then wrapped in a banana leaf and placed in a steamer. An easy and delicious way to cook fish.



While I know that the word Shrimp Sauce doesn’t sound that appetizing, and the pictures don’t really give it any justice, this was so tasty.

Salsa de Camarón, Doña Iris’s Shrimp Sauce from Veracruz can be spread on tostadas or in corn tortillas. The shrimp is cooked  and mashed with tomatoes and jalapeños. I started mashing and wasn’t getting anywhere so I did a quick pulse in the blender. I ate all of it in one sitting.


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