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Andrew’s Favorite Beans (and some Chalupas)

Andrew was in love with these beans, obsessed actually.

First I made the Adobo from Sra. María De Jesús Sánchez from Guerrero. This was a pork adobo with guajillo chiles and a ton of spices.



Next came the beans. Frijoles De Novia-Bride’s Beans from Zasa Pilli Restaurant in Guerrero.  I used peruano beans instead of pinto because I love them so much. These beans are cooked and mashed with lard, spices, chorizo and the adobo from above. So addicting.



Last came the Chalupas. No, not Chalupas that Taco Bell serves.  I made the masa and formed the little Chalupas and cooked them like I would a tortilla. On top is pork with a sauce made from tomato verdes, serranos, guajillos and brown sugar.


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