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French Wine in DTLA

There are moments in life where I really appreciate other peoples ability to keep in touch. I have always had a hard time keeping in contact with people, whether they are in another country, state, city or even sometimes in the same city. I’m working on it.

In college my roommates and I hosted a couple guys from Paris who were friends with one of my roommate’s sister. We all ended up kicking it off great and having an amazing couple of days. I still heard from them over the years and they even took great care of our roommate Katie on her honeymoon around Paris.Taking them to restaurants and giving recommendations.

Flash forward six or so years and I get an email about them opening up a French Wine and Retail shop in downtown LA. Of course I’m horrible at getting back to the email and sending out their questionnaire to see what kind of products would sell. BUT, I did make it to the opening and have been visiting regularly ever since.

Enough of memory lane. Garcons de Cafe is a beautiful wine bar located in the Spring Street Arcade Building. They sell French clothing, bags, notebooks and tons of other beautifully handcrafted items. They have a great little menu of salamis, cheeses and foi gras. Oh! and they also serve a mean espresso.

The marble counter tops and multiple sitting areas create such a beautiful atmosphere to try some great wine.  There’s even a patio to enjoy for those of us who have dogs. And now there is a Happy Hour from 5-7, as if you needed another excuse!





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