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Hometown Haunts: K-town

Haunt. Noun. A place frequented by a specified person or group of people. Not the scary kind, although I could definitely get down with that. Y’all know how I love a good ghost story and haunted house.

A new series about local favorites. Whether it’s K-town, Chico, Seattle, Austin or Mexico City. Wherever we go we will give a little shout out to the local spots we loved.

No better place to start than Koreatown, Los Angeles. I’ve been living in K-town since 2009. I remember the excitement of walking into my little studio apartment, knowing I needed to get a job ASAP to pay for my rent and to pay back my deposit I so willingly put on my credit card. But, I had the view of the Hollywood Sign out my window, a separate kitchen and was ready to kick some ass. I’ve lived in 4 different apartments since then, all within a couple blocks of each other. All K-town, all day.

Beer Belly is a great local spot serving unique beers, bottled and tapped, and some deep fried goodness. It’s an easy spot to bring your pup, as there are two patios and the servers are always happy to bring them water in case you forget your portable one. One afternoon, mid walk with D we stopped in and I grabbed a beer and their Brussels sprouts. The beer was a Pale Ale with the name Nap Time or something similar. And the Brussels sprouts, I know, everyone is doing it or was doing it, but these were good. They were served with apple, bacon and onions and I’ve been back a couple times to order the same exact thing.

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