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From the Grand Canyon to Santa Fe!

I don’t know why I never thought it snowed in Arizona. I always thought of it as a dry, desert climate. But man! There was a TON of snow. The drive down from El Tovar Hotel was scary at times. Andrew handled the hills with grace and off we went.


The drive was beautiful. Delilah was again such a trooper. She loves car rides and this seemed no different. She slept a lot of the way, with her head all the way forward so that it rested right above the middle arm rest, right between the two of us.

We arrived in Santa Fe fairly early, around 3pm and had time to explore. We stayed at La Fonda on the Plaza, which was probably my favorite place of the trip. As for the town, every building, house and in-between is adobe style. I figured it is required by the city and it makes the town look beautiful. A lot of the bigger building have what looks like paper bags surrounding the top borders with candles inside so that once it starts to get dark everything lights up.

Andrew mentioned that we had just gotten engaged and they had a bottle of wine sent up to our room and didn’t charge us the extra pet fee because Delilah is the cutest. The rooms were beautiful and had Mexico inspired tiles and furniture. The bed was huge and comfortable and Delilah loved it.


We hit the bar downstairs for a Margarita and chips with guacamole and salsa. Then we ventured into town and walked around checking out stores and freezing our butts, or in my case my knees off.  I ended up buying some brightly colored leggings to wear under my jeans so the cold air would stop going up my pants and making my knees numb. Again, Los Angeles jeans do not work in places that have actual weather.

We decided to eat at the restaurant in the hotel since we could have Delilah with us. It was so so so tasty. The Christmas enchiladas (green and red sauce) lived up to everything that was said about them.  This was a town I would love to come back to and stay more than one night.



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