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Santa Fe to Marfa & Alpine!

We got an early start to the morning. We had had it with fast food so we decided to stop at Whole Foods and grab little breakfast burritos and snacks for the road. And since we were in New Mexico their fresh burritos had Hatch Chiles in them! That took my vegan, tofu breakfast burrito to a whole new level. I also got popcorn seasoned with Hatch Chile. It kept making me sneeze and cough as I ate it, probably inhaling too much of the powder but I couldn’t stop and finished the bag embarrassingly quickly.

This part of the drive was really fun. Check out this town! Truth or Consequences. It is a spa city and has a ton of hot springs. It is part of Sierra County in New Mexico and has a population of around 6,500. What a name!


These are just photos from my phone, no Instagram so I apologize for the lack of editing. Andrew was adamant of taking photos of state signs, either welcoming you or saying goodbye.


The crazy part about driving through Texas is that right after you enter it you are basically driving right along side Mexico (we took the route that went thru El Paso, so we could make some stops in West Texas). You can see the fences and the border patrol cars driving along side. You can see the buildings, more square with clothes drying on lines, blowing in the wind.  I felt I was looking at those fences differently because of the current political climate.

We drove by some tiny, tiny  towns. Most look abandoned and if we weren’t so eager to get to our next location we would have loved to stop and take more photos.


We had made it to Marfa! The population is about 2,000 and it sure felt like it. I felt like I was on a movie set where all the actors and crew were on break and in trailers some where.  We didn’t stop at the Prada store that is in the middle of no where, right before Marfa. We did see people pulling over and jumping out to take photos. But it was crowded and it would have solely been for Instagram as I am not a huge Prada fan.


Marfa is known as a cultural center for contemporary artists and artisans. We drove by a lot of installations and art projects in the process of being made. We parked in town and got out to let D stretch her legs and grab a coffee and iced tea. As we started to walk around, I maybe saw three people. We asked a woman if she would recommend a coffee shop and she had to think for a minute and wasn’t sure if any places were open. It was around 3 in the afternoon on a Tuesday! She recommended one that “attached to a laundromat and in a two story building, the only one for a couple blocks.” We headed over and I got an iced latte (these guys had more milk options than some places in LA) and Drew got an iced tea. They had the best signs in the bathroom.

We walked around for a 15 minutes or so. We have to do more research and come back at a time when there are art shows happening, or something going on.


Alpine is about 26 miles east of Marfa so we made it there pretty quickly. This town is small, but at 6,000 it felt much bigger and more alive than Marfa. We stayed at the Holland Hotel which was built in 1928. It was such a unique hotel, keeping with the old fashioned decor. And! It is haunted! You know how much I love ghosts and haunted buildings. I asked Andrew if he knew that and did it on purpose and he said, “No way!” He’s not a fan of that stuff. Supposedly there is a little girl who roams the 2nd floor, and older woman on the 3rd and a man who hangs out in the bar! I unfortunately saw no one.

We walked the downtown, which took around 10 minutes and soaked in the sunset which was beautiful.


We ate dinner at the restaurant in the hotel. We were able to eat in the billiards room and took Delilah. It was one of the most comical dinners I have ever had. Trying to order Tequila, we asked for Herradura, which we knew they would have, the server didn’t think they had it. So we asked what he did have, he said that Tequila wasn’t his strong suit but if we named some he could tell us. We started listing them and he said no to all. He went back to the bar to ask the bartender. He came back saying they had Honduras. Honduras? Later we found out he meant Herradura. He was such a sweet kid, and the rest of the night went like that. He probably walked back and forth from us to the kitchen 25 times. What is the soup of the day? I’m not sure, I’ll be right back. We were cracking up and felt awful for making him walk about a mile just to serve us dinner. We found out he was a theatre major here in town at the local college. He brought us some champagne for our engagement and Andrew convinced him to get out of town and go to LA to get acting work. Alpine was a memorable little town.

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