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Our first hike in Austin

To be honest, I’m really disappointed that it took me this long to take Delilah on a hike here in Austin. While in Los Angeles I was really good at making it a point to hike her at least once a week, sometimes even three. Regardless, now that I’ve been, I can’t wait to go again.

This first hike we went on was less of an uphill, cardio excursion and more of a stroll along cliffs, trees, a creek and a ton of rocks. The hikes I went on in LA were very brown and desert like and here I felt like I was in a rainforest. The humidity, animal sounds and the creek rushing beside made for an epic orchestra.

For our first adventure  we started with the Barton Creek Greenbelt, which locals call “the Greenbelt.” I guess there are multiple Greenbelts, but this one is the most popular. It is located in south-central Austin and is about 12 miles long. It took us about 15 minutes to drive there from our apartment.

I entered this trail at the Spyglass Road entrance and am planning on going in the morning next time so I can get these so called amazing breakfast tacos at Taco Deli.


We entered the trail and I was immediately greeted by a ton of small rocks to walk across, my sprained ankle’s worst fear. Delilah was so stoked to be there and I was stuck watching every step my left foot took. We came to end of that trail and we could either go left or right. Tons of people in swimsuits with towels were going left, and I remembered reading that a popular swimming hole was that direction. With Delilah’s absolute disinterest in water, I opted to go right.


The trail was so beautiful, green and calming. It was pretty humid beneath the trees, but they helped shade the sun so it still felt fairly cool. Every now and then on the trail there are mini trails leading to different swimming holes. I saw people picnicked on enormous rocks, drinking beer and just enjoying the water.


For the most part the trail was flat, but there were portions with big boulders that we had to climb over. Delilah was in heaven; I was trying not to re-sprain my ankle. Did I mention I forgot to wrap it before we left. Dumb Dumb.

We saw a ton of dogs, most soaking wet from taking dips in the creek. Mountain bikers passed us and I even saw people trying to rock climb the cliffs, which I realized after were limestone bluffs. They were beautiful and frightening.



Since the trail ran along the water I wasn’t sure if there was an actual loop, so I took Delilah 30ish minutes in and then just turned around and walked back. I was dripping sweat from the humidity and she was panting. There are a couple different access points to this trail and the next time I go it will be earlier in the day so we can walk longer.

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