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Austin Bucket List

I just want to add that this List will keep growing and I will continue to check things off as I go. I have lived in Austin for almost four months and I feel like I have done and seen quite a few things so far. After looking online for things one must do in Austin I have started to compile a list. And if any Austin locals would love to add anything, please do so. And for those non Austin locals, if you’ve heard of anything cool, please tell me!

-Drinks at the Cloak Room: supposedly this is where all the people in politics like to grab a drink.

-Catch a film at the Alamo draft house: Already done, twice! So awesome.

-Visit La Perla: Andrew and I have walked by this place on the east side and have always been curious. Its a tiny little dive bar and you can hear the Mexican music from the street.

-Swimming spots: Hamilton pool, Hippie Hallow, Pace Bend Park, Deep Eddy, Barton Springs, Krause Springs

-Catch a set at the Elephant Room: A supposed great jazz experience.

-Visit the wildflower center: because who doesn’t like wandering through flowers?

– BBQ road trip: I have already gone to Black’s out in Lockhart, but would love to try the others even though I can only have a couple bites of brisket until I feel incredibly full.

-Kayak or canoe on Lady Bird Lake: I’ve been watching people do this almost every day since I’ve been in Austin and can’t wait to try it!

– Eat some breakfast tacos: I know, I probably should have already done this, but so many people have talked about it, I’m  feeling like its over hyped. Plus I can’t really do cheese, and this Tex-mex thing is all about the cheese.

-Hike Mount Bonnell: There is supposed to be a beautiful view.

– Texas State Cemetery: because I like cemeteries.

-Art Galleries: There are way to many to list, but always a must do.

– Round Rock Express baseball game with dollar hotdog night: Who doesn’t love baseball and hotdogs?

-Check out the Sunset at Oasis Brewing: Andrew and I have always been down for sunsets and drinks.

– Twostepping: Broken spoke for some traditional dance or White Horse for just watching because those people are way too good.

-Graffiti on Castle Hill: Because who doesn’t like some good street art.

– Shop at Waterloo Records: First we need to get our record player out and working again.

-Camp: A local spot is Emma Long Park, you don’t even have to leave the city.

– Brewery tours: We’ve already been to Hops & Grain, Blue Owl and Lazarus. There are obviously a ton more to check out.

-Get a drink at The Driskill: A super old hotel and bar in town that is HAUNTED!

– The bats: Done! Saw them over Halloween when I was just visiting, crazy.

-Texas State Capitol: While I have been to many a marches and protests there since living here, I haven’t been inside yet. They have free tours all the time.

– Brunch at Banger’s on Rainey: Well I live a two minute walk from this place and it is a mad house on the weekend. I like champagne, but I can probably guarantee its not the best idea to drink an entire bottle out of a stein.

-Hill Country: Stop at breweries and distilleries. There is even a tour bus that will take you every Saturday!

– Drink German beer at Scholz Garden: It’s been open since 1866, enough said.

Escape Game: This has been hailed one of the best “how do I get out of here” games out of all the ones that have been popping up. We did one when I was only visiting and have been wanting to go back ever since.

– Catch a show at the Continental Club: A really famous spot that I’ve heard nothing but good things about.

Once I hear of more things I will continue to add them and when I do check something out I will give you a full rundown.

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