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What’s cookin?

I’ve always enjoyed cooking. Perhaps that’s why I had the insane idea to cook through Diana Kennedy’s My Mexico in a year.  If you want to check out all of those photos and posts, just scroll through this blog and you will find around 80 posts and photos of every single thing I cooked.

After that I was a little burned out. I had to slowly ease my way back into the kitchen and now that I’m in Austin and my kitchen is larger, I’m feeling the bug return. While I enjoy creating my own dishes, I am also a cookbook and recipe lover. This week I tried two dishes from Food52.  It’s an awesome site that feels more like a community than just a bunch of recipes. I decided I could do a little series here on Teasers & Rye focusing on recipes I’m trying out, whether they turn out great or awful.

The first dish I tackled was the Braised Moroccan Chicken and Olives.  I love cooking food like this that has a ton of spices. I wasn’t able to find preserved lemons so I scoured the internet and found a way to substitute them by boiling the lemons in salt and water for about 30 minutes. It turned out wonderful and it was quickly finished the next day for lunch.


Photo courtesy of Food52

The second dish I tried was the Vegan Lemon Asparagus Risotto.  I was able to convince Andrew to go for it and he liked it. Risotto sure is time consuming, all that stirring. Andrew would tag me out and stir every once in a while to give me a break. I am usually not a fan of nutritional yeast, but this was ok and I thought it helped the dish. It’s no cheese replacement, I’ll say that. I paired it with a simple spinach salad with cherry tomatoes and a balsamic vinagarette. We got the vinegarette recipe from Epicurious and it was perfect.


Photo courtesy of Food52

It’s always so late and dark in our apartment by the time the food is ready and my little iphone won’t do the food any justice. One day I will have a better camera and a white board of sorts to help bounce the light around.

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